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Image by Jay Mantri

meet the owners

Owners Sandy and Mike King


We would like to extend a warm hello and introduce ourselves! We are Sandy and Mike, and after coming to Teton House for a couple of years as happy patrons, we often joked that we should buy the restaurant because we liked it so much. We had our interest unexpectedly become an opportunity when I (Sandy) mentioned that we traveled too much and perhaps should consider opening another restaurant. (If you want the long, amusing version, come see us! We love to visit!) Within days, the timing and details just fell into place, and we are so grateful we were prepared for such an investment! With Sandy as the Principal Owner, and Mike as Executive Chef, we each bring strengths to all sides of the top operational aspects that help make Teton House the Multiple-Award-Winning restaurant that it is. We aren’t new to the culinary and service industries, as we both previously worked in fine establishments known around the world in roles such as chef, risk management, service, regional management, developmental coaching, national food safety, and design. We took a detour from those interests into Medical and Nuclear professions, respectively, but retain a sincere, lifelong passion for good food and creating memorable experiences, which we look forward to sharing with the community.


We quietly took ownership with a commitment to retain the strong foundation that we ourselves enjoyed and you’ve grown to love and appreciate, while adding our personal touch, introducing fresh, exciting flavors. (The core menu hasn’t changed and our famous brussel sprouts are not going anywhere!!!) We love Teton House and want it to grow even more lovely and inviting! In addition to your favorites, you can expect to see seasonal offerings, specials, expanded wine and spirits (including our exclusive small-batch wines which we have lovingly sourced from the most reputable Italian family wineries- exciting!), and some upgrades to the beautiful historic space. (Hello, air conditioning! Wooo!)


     On a personal note, we came to Idaho from East Tennessee, sadly leaving our entire family, whom we miss dearly! We have raised a few children and now enjoy our new grandchildren at every chance. Changing our entire lives, moving across the country and revisiting the culinary industry, has been quite an adventure and honestly pretty unnerving at times. Owning a restaurant can be a big risk, but it is one we felt like we could do some good with. We really love to help others and we know we have a responsibility in doing our best to help leave our tiny corner of the world better than we found it. As we like to say, Kindness is King, and creating a table everyone feels welcome at is so important to us. Nourishing the body and spirit is one small way we can uplift those around us. No matter where you go, there is always something you can do to bring a little joy and relief to others.


It is our hope and dream to do that here in Eastern Idaho, working together with our amazing Teton House family (we can’t say enough about our employees- they are the greatest and really the hands and face of TH! Show them some love, y’all!) and the community… you! Teton House is as much yours as it is ours. We could not do it without you. Thank you for welcoming us, trusting us, and helping us create and maintain what this community deserves: a belly full of good food, hearty laughs, and the courage to live up to higher standards. 


We extend a warm invitation to you and your loved ones to join us at our table, let us know how you’re doing and what you look forward to!


We can’t wait to get to know you!

- Sandy and Mike

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